Of course we should be outraged that four hundred men assaulted and stripped a girl of her clothes. But more outrageous is the fact that there are people who blame the poor girl for the incident that happened in Lahore on Independence Day this year. It happened just a day before the country's moral police and ideological defenders celebrated the capture of Kabul by the Taliban. Not a single man in the crowd tried to rescue the girl as she was subjected to the intense humiliation. And there are men on social media who think it was her fault for being there. Just like Imran Khan saying that men turn into rapists when they see a scantily-dressed woman.

The reason, of course, is the environment in which the men grew up. They must have heard a million times in Friday sermons about women being the cause of all evil on earth. They have been told by their elders that a woman is meant to be a baby-producing machine who should not be allowed to venture out of her house, unless accompanied by a close male relative. They are also told that unveiled women who go out of the four walls of their houses alone  want to jump into bed with the first stranger who asks them. And they know that in this country, rapists are acquitted by the courts despite enough evidence of their culpability. So what do these rustics do when they see a lone unveiled woman in a park? They simply assault her, tearing off her clothes and try to rape her. 

The obvious solution of course is to replace all mullahs in the country with educated men and women. Yes, women should be allowed to go to mosques and preach to men also. But the day that happens there will be complete chaos in the country. Our real enemy is the mullah who has the mindset of those who lived in the Stone Age, but unfortunately our leaders don't want to acknowledge this fact.