I wept when I saw how the boy and girl were tortured, beaten and stripped naked, and the whole incident recorded. This Usman Mirza is apparently a very powerful man and he undoubtedly has friends and relatives in the government. So it's very likely that he will remain free as long as this government is in power, even though Imran Khan is said to have taken notice of the incident. The fact is, Imran believes in accountability and punishment only for those who oppose him, and if (as seems very likely), Usman Mirza is a friend or relative of one of IK's cronies, nothing will happen to him.

Apparently the man is the owner of guest houses and apartments in Islamabad that were fitted with secret cameras to record people having sex or having baths. These flats and guest houses were rented out to visitors from other cities or to unmarried couples for having sex. Usman Mirza would then blackmail them, threatening that he would make videos of them viral if they didn’t pay up. Apparently this is what happened in this case. The accused Usman Mirza and his friends had the key to the apartment and they barged in to indulge in their nefarious activities. And they must have done this kind of thing many, many times in the past. Don't forget that he is also a prominent property developer in the capital, so he must be having close connections with the police.

As I said, he is not likely to be punished for his misdeeds. But perhaps there is someone out there (though it's very unlikely) who will pursue this case to the very end, and who will ensure that the man and his friends are sentenced to a long prison term. And even if that happens, it should be ensured that he spends all his time in jail, and is not allowed to roam outside freely. But seeing how corrupt our police and judges are, I doubt if this man will be convicted, even if there is a trial.