History will say that the powers that be played the most cruel joke on the people of Pakistan when they imposed a nincompoop like Imran Khan as head of government. This man has done more damage to the country than even Yahya Khan, who was mainly responsible for the loss of East Pakistan. In fact, the events of recent days reminds one of what was happening in the country when it was about to disintegrate. In those days, the rulers were so isolated from reality that they didn't comprehend the gravity of the situation. Poland's deputy prime minister was killed by a Jamat-e-Islami driver who ran his van over him. BBC and the international media were full of reports of the killings of civilians in East Pakistan, but our leadership dismissed it all as propaganda against a Muslim state. Something similar is happening today.

Ignoring the fact that bomb blasts are happening almost daily in the country, our army chief went to Tajikistan to discuss the security situation in that country. That nut Imran Khan went to Uzbekistan and told them he knows more about the history of that country than the Uzbeks themselves. I won't be surprised if one of these days, the idiot claims that he knows more about rape than all the rapists in the world. 

Two days back, nine Chinese technicians were killed in what was obviously a bomb blast, but no, our rulers called it an accident, until the Chinese themselves told them the truth. Now we have alienated our only friend, who is sure to think twice before investing in the country again. 

When Mohsin Dawar pointed out that the Taliban are holding rallies in Quetta and other towns, he was forcibly shut up by the speaker of the national assembly. 

But the incident that took place in the capital yesterday proves that the country's leaders are totally unaware of the situation. The daughter of Afghanistan's ambassador was kidnapped, beaten up and thrown out on the road in broad daylight. The Interior Minister, that loudmouth Shaikh Rasheed, immediately said the criminals who did this will be arrested in 48 hours (this is exactly what he says whenever a journalist is killed or beaten up, but until now, the perpetrators have never been caught). 

If Imran and his cronies even now fail to realize that the country is in great danger, they should be locked up.