So the Americans suddenly vacated the huge Bagram air base without even informing the Afghans that they were leaving. This proves that they don't trust the Afghans, even after spending two trillion dollars in that country over two decades. Just what did they achieve? The Taliban have repeatedly said they will impose their strict version of Islam in their country, even though Pakistan agreed that they will not support this measure. 

An interesting theory is making the rounds nowadays. It seems likely that the Americans agreed to the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, after the latter agreed to keep China out of their country. Perhaps this explains the recent talks the Taliban held with Pakistan's arch enemy India. Pakistan will find itself surrounded on all sides now by those who don't want it to be friends with China. Most likely, the Americans will insist on Pakistan denuclearizing itself, something the Indians would love to see happening. And of one thing we can be sure: the Taliban will soon set their sights on Pakistan, as they don't recognize the Durand Line (the defacto border between the two countries). 

Recently the army chief held in-camera meetings with some parliamentarians to discuss the situation after the Taliban takeover next door. It seems he's finally realized that he needs the support of all political parties to defend the country.

Whatever happens, the future is bleak. Only if our politicians unite against the enemy will they be able to save Pakistan from disintegrating.