We saw Bhutto dismembering Pakistan and realized that he had been selected by outside powers to do it. Now we can't help wondering if Imran Khan too is another Bhutto. Like Bhutto, Imran Khan has wrecked the country's economy, and the effects will be felt for many years.

Recently, Imran Khan proved that he's more of a moron than Bhutto was. He first said that there would be no need for Pakistan to remain nuclear if the Kashmir dispute was settled. Of course, there's nothing more that India would like. If our nuclear assets are dismantled, Indian troops will walk into the country and break it up into four or five parts. It's like what happened when we lost the eastern wing of the country. Our defence was too weak at the time. History will be repeated and there will be no Pakistan. If Imran Khan keeps repeating things like this, the rest of the world will demand the immediate dismantling of our nuclear assets.

The next thing he said was to pander to the religious lobby. When asked why there were so many incidents of rape in the country, he blamed women for not being properly dressed. Until three years back (before he married the ultra-conservative Bushra Bibi), he had no problem with gallivanting on the beaches with scantily-clad girls. Suddenly he has become a fundamentalist just to please his wife (who, apparently, is the one actually running the country). There's going to be a protest by women today in Karachi, demanding that either he resign or take back his words. I doubt if it'll have any effect on him, but I'm happy that most women who supported him and voted for his party now know what kind of man he is. 

Of course, the thing he will be most reviled for was calling OBL a martyr. When his foreign minister was asked about it, that moron fumbled and said the usual thing: "the prime minister was quoted out of context". But when the foreign minister was asked whether he himself believed that the terrorist OBL was indeed a martyr, he fumbled some more and refused to say yes or no. He knew what would have happened if he had called OBL a terrorist: those who rule the country would have sacked him.

So, the future is dark. I don't see Pakistan progressing at all for the next two years, and even when the next government comes to power, it will have a huge task undoing the damage he has done to the country.