It's incredible, but there are still people around who like Imran Khan. I don't mean his repulsive ministers and advisors, I'm talking about some of those who were duped into voting for him. I always knew he was not trustworthy, like all other Pakistani politicians, and the majority of people in Pakistan also knew this. If the establishment hadn't rigged the elections, Imran Khan would still have been on a container, railing against his opponents. 

As I said, there are still a few people left who think that Imran Khan has been sent by the Almighty to change the fate of Pakistan, and will do so in the next couple of years. They believe that he's an honest man, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. There is that foreign funding case against his party, which he has successfully persuaded the courts to postpone for many years, knowing that it will result in his disqualification. And then there are questions about how he's able to pay his utility bills and other expenses maintaining his huge mansion and estate in Banigala, on his meager salary of two hundred thousand a month.Obviously, he's been evading taxes for many years now, but that doesn't seem to be a crime in the opinion of his die hard supporters.

I know Imran's lovers will never be convinced that he is corrupt, but then here is more evidence. It is from an article by Arif Hasan entitled "Naya Pakistan" in DAWN (9 May 2021):

"A Banigala estate was regularised recently at Rs6.66 per square yard whereas a katchi abadi house in Karachi’s Orangi is regularised at Rs208 per square yard .....".

It doesn't require a degree in advanced Mathematics to calculate that in this one instance alone, the loss to the government was more than thirty five million rupees. And this is just one case, many more will surface when the crook is forcibly sent home.