Muslims (as well as some Jews and Christians) have been protesting against Israeli bombings and killing of innocent men, women and children in Gaza. Even Israel must be wondering at the magnitude of protests throughout the world. Even prominent American Jewish writers and politicians like Bernie Sanders have denounced Israel for its inhuman policies. Which is very good, considering that not long ago Palestinians were regarded as terrorists in the West. 

But a nagging question remains: most countries in the Islamic bloc routinely torture their own citizens, not only those of minority religions but also Muslims. Yet Muslims don't have the courage to stand up for their fellows when they see atrocities being committed in their own countries. Why is it that so many Muslims from the Islamic bloc have migrated to, and are still keen to migrate to the West? Why don't battered Syrians ask that they be allowed to migrate to Saudi Arabia or Iran? The Hazara Muslims of Pakistan and Afghanistan prefer to be given asylum in Australia and other Christian countries. Just a couple of days back, boats carried hundreds of asylum-seeking Muslims from Morocco and docked in Spain (a country where the majority of people are Catholics).

Yesterday our own Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureish blundered by claiming on CNN that the Israeli media was deeply influenced by Jews and Israel. Obviously the man doesn't read the New York Times or watches CNN, both of which present views from Israel as well as Palestine and other Muslim countries. 

So, before they make fools of themselves again, Imran Khan and his morons should really concentrate on how to make the country a safe place for Muslims as well as those of other religions. They should remove all hate content in our text books and make the teaching of science mandatory in our schools and madressahs. Just last week, the whole world was laughing when it took our mullahs to decide that the moon had been sighted when it really wasn't there, while those whom they call infidels (the Chinese) were preparing to land on Mars.