When he was in opposition, he would rail against the previous government for wasting money on frivolous thing (like taking many cronies and others to the Holy Land). "It's not your father's money!" he would yell. He has apparently forgotten the vice of wasting money because he's doing the same thing his predecessors were doing. Apart from going to Saudi Arabia with his friends in chartered aircraft (using public money), he has now opened a so-called university in Lahore where Sufism will be taught.

According to a news item, "The modern Ash-Shadhili research centre will conduct research in the Islamic philosophy, Sufism, spirituality, comparative study of Sufism and mystic traditions besides providing a platform for inter-religious studies and interfaith dialogues at national and international level". 

I know what they will teach at this fake university or centre.

"The enormous advantages of getting your children married before the age of 18".

"How to increase your power by growing long beards and wearing ankle-length trousers".

"Enjoying good health wearing black abayas and burqas in extremely hot weather".

"Extracting electricity from djinns".

"How to communicate with djinns"

"How to control djinns by placing proper food for them on the roofs of your houses".

"Persuading djinns to do black magic on your enemies".

"Selecting suitable names for your children before they're born so they won't turn out to be morons".

I could go on and on, but of one thing there's no doubt: Imran Khan is doing everything he can to make Pakistan to be the laughing stock of the whole world.