So the great Imran Khan has finally admitted that he's not infallible. A couple of days back he said he had made some mistakes when giving tickets to some of his party members at the time of elections. I wish he'd made things clearer by naming those people, but since he didn't, I'm going to do so.

But first, I'd like to tell him that the biggest mistake was made by his "selectors", who rigged the elections to make him the prime minister. Then there were those who actually voted for him, who will regret to their dying days for believing that he would change the country for the better. 

Topping the list of those who shouldn't have been awarded tickets is definitely Faisal Vawda, who people say is a Memon, but I don't think so. The way he talks and behaves, it's more likely that one of his parents (if not both) were non-Memons. But let that pass. He's the moron who predicted on Hamid Mir's show that in a couple of weeks there would be millions of jobs in the country, that owners of even small cabin shops selling paan would become tax-payers, etc. When there was an attack on the Chinese consulate, he was there, doing his best to portray that he was leading the charge against the terrorists and impeding the police in their efforts to capture the killers. And who can forget how he got himself photographed standing near the downed Indian Air Force plane, thinking that the gullible public would believe that he had shot it down? More recently, when he saw that he would be disqualified for lying about his dual nationality, he resigned from parliament and got elected as a senator (though that will not exempt him from being disqualified in future). His resignation and the subsequent bye-election in Karachi's Baldia (NA-249) proved that the 2018 elections had been massively rigged. At that time he had won by only 723 votes against Shahbaz Sharif, yet the Election Commission refused to recount the votes, just as it later kept postponing the hearings in the dual nationality case against Vawda. This time, the PTI did so poorly that almost all the other parties got more votes, the PTI ending at seventh place. I have no doubt that if the 2018 elections had been fair, PTI would never have won more than a few seats in the whole country.

The second person who should not have been awarded a ticket is Ali Mohammed Khan who behaves as if Islam is in great danger and he's the only one who can save it. He recently said that those who commit blasphemy should have their heads chopped off, which caused such a furor that the EU is seriously considering steps to withdraw exemptions given to Pakistani exporters. Of course this will not make any difference to people like Ali Mohammed Khan, who belongs to KP (where almost everyone is a involved in smuggling, causing immense harm to the country's industry and the national exchequer). Oh no, but when France and the European countries go further and ban all trade with Pakistan, causing the rupee to become useless, he will realize his mistake. But then, he will probably say that such sacrifices (by others, not himself) are necessary!

I can name many others, but Imran should immediately ask both these morons to resign.