Imran Khan got the shock of his life when his candidate lost in the Senate elections. As expected, he's blaming everyone but himself for the debacle. He's blaming the Election Commission for holding secret balloting, even though that is stipulated by the Constitution. I hope he's charged with contempt by the ECP and disqualified from holding any office, but that would be too much to expect, knowing how the ECP has repeatedly postponed hearing the Foreign Funding case (which would definitely prove Imran Khan is corrupt to the core). 

Then there is Faisal Vawda, who was on the brink of being disqualified for perjury, yet the ECP indulged him so much that people began to think Vawda is a very powerful man. Finally, Vawda got out of it by resigning from the National Assembly and getting elected as Senator. If the ECP really is as independent as it wants us to believe, it will disqualify Vawda in the next few days, but it's doubtful if it will do it. 

Clearly, Imran Khan thought he was still very popular and would get away with rigging the Senate as well as all bye-elections. He didn't know that the public is fed up with his diatribe against the previous governments and wants a change. If the combined opposition remains united, Imran Khan is sure to be sent home in the next general elections.