Just six weeks ago, Imran Khan was singing praises in favor of the Election Commission, which had supported him and his party until now. The Foreign Funding case, which will disqualify him from politics, has been repeatedly postponed by the commission, including today, because Imran's party refuses to attend hearings. This has been going on for many years now. Then there is the case of Faisal Vawda, who has gotten away with perjury by getting hearings postponed and then resigning from the National Assembly immediately after casting his vote for Hafiz Shaikh (Imran's favorite). Now the crook Vawda is a Senator and to get him disqualified it will take another three years. Even if the Commission finds him guilty, he will go to the courts, which are still subservient to Imran.

It's easy to explain Imran's ire. The commission ordered a repoll in Daska, where Imran's men terrorized the voters throughout the day, and kidnapped twenty presiding officers. Then there was the first senate election that saw Hafiz Shaikh defeated. This must have shocked Imran and his gangsters. They must have checked the antecedents of every employee in the Election Commission, so they couldn't do what they did when they subdued the NAB chairman. At that time they released a video of the NAB chairman talking with a woman and saying sweet things about her.

It should now be interesting to see how the Election Commission reacts. I have the feeling that it will bend to Imran's will, because the real rulers of the country want Imran to stay, despite the mess he's made of this country.