I wanted to get vaccinated as soon as possible, but suddenly I don't think it's a good idea. First, there was that woman health minister of Punjab (Yasmin Rashid) who cautioned people to weigh the options first, as some people had suffered side effects and had even died after being vaccinated. And I read about a fifty year old perfectly healthy American popping off a couple of days after receiving the vaccine. 

But the biggest irony is that the Chinese vaccine in Pakistan is not meant for the people most at risk: those over 60, those under 18 and those having diabetes, asthma or other diseases. This virtually rules out everyone in the country, where most people are addicted to gutka and other narcotics.

Finally, the vaccine will be rejected by Pakistanis due to the wide-spread suspicion that it will reduce the population. I have a video clip showing two analysts of whom one (Zaid Hamid) firmly says that it will make women infertile. This is the main reason why polio has so far not been eradicated in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where most men think they will be the butt of jokes if their wives stop bearing children. As one of them once said to me, "My wife has had only five children and now she doesn't get pregnant, my friends think I'm impotent, so I'll take another wife to prove I'm still active".