Imran Khan is desperately trying to persuade the apex court to order the senate elections to be held through open ballot (although when he was in opposition, he preferred secret balloting). Even if the court does support him, it's very likely that his own party men will either cast votes for the opposition or they will not show up for the elections. The reason is that his party members are now convinced that the man cannot be trusted. Instead of giving tickets to faithful party members, he has chosen outsiders. Even that so-called religious scholar Amir Liaquat has said he will not vote for Hafeez Shaikh, as the latter is not a PTI member.

Faisal Vawda is one man who should not have been given the ticket. He is in imminent danger of losing his National Assembly seat (which he won by only 700 votes in a rigged election). Apparently Imran doesn't know that even if Vawda does get elected to the senate, he can still be disqualified for perjury. There is also a fake degree case pending against him. But since Vawda is a filthily rich man who has paid loads of money to the party in the past, he is preferred to senior party workers. 

Another person nominated by him is his wife's close friend Farah. This too has been met with a strong resistance from his party members. I won't be surprised if some of them resign from PTI and join other parties.

I hope the senate elections are held via secret ballot. Imran Khan will be shocked to know that he's so highly unpopular (though he should have guessed it from the very low number of votes his party got in the three bye-elections held yesterday).