On the last day of 2020, let's see what happened during the year and how it affected us.

The year will forever be known as the year of the virus. Pakistanis learnt a new word (SOP's) without knowing what the three letters denote. Not that it matters, most of them didn't wear masks or maintain a distance from others. They washed the bodies of those who died of Covid, they embraced those who had just returned from attending the huge Tableeghi Jamaat gathering, they attended wedding dinners, shaking hands and kissing their relatives. The result is that thousands got contaminated, and anyone can see that the figures given out by the government aren't true. Like the fudged census results, the virus casualties are also concealed, just to make Imran Khan bask in the praise meted out by foreign media.

Talking of Imran Khan, he was one of the few who didn't get affected by the virus. Many of his ministers and advisors had to go under quarantine, but he was lucky, considering that his better half loves to go to shrines and pray to the dead saints buried there. 

One thing we learnt is that nothing changed for the better in the country. Inflation continued unabated, with an egg costing twenty five rupees and the price of practically every edible item doubling over the past year. 

There was no accountability of those who support Imran Khan, while those opposed to him were jailed without charges. Pakistan is perhaps the only country in the world where a media mogul was incarcerated for eight months without trial. 

The aviation minister continues to be free, despite getting PIA banned from going to Europe. He still maintains that he did nothing wrong, even though the apex court and even government functionaries have said he was at fault. Faisal Vawda continues to bluster and brag, knowing that our "independent" judiciary will continue postponing hearings.

Even though Imran Khan knows who became rich in the sugar, wheat and other scandals, no one has been charged, probably because the guilty ones are his supporters. And if he stays in power, you can be sure prices of edibles will double again, turning another twenty million into beggars.

Of course, Trump played an important part. We should be grateful to him for letting us see the other side of America. We had no idea of how corrupt American politicians are. And the way he has refused to concede defeat proves that he's worse than Pakistani leaders. 

Let's hope that we are able to escape being "bitten by the virus" (as Punjab's CM Buzdar would say) before getting the vaccine.