I can't understand why people (particularly Pakistani Muslims) bitterly hate those of other religions. Forget religion, they hate people who support rival political parties.

By the end of Ayub's reign, he was hated by almost everyone I knew. We rejoiced when he was forced to resign. We were convinced that the country was bankrupt because of the corruption of his sons. Then there was Yahya Khan, the shameless drinker and womanizer who got the country dismembered. Bhutto of course became unpopular when the masses realized that he had duped them with his promises of providing free food, free homes and free clothes. The people came out on the streets and one fine day he was overthrown by another general.

The question arises, why do people hate others so much? I can understand the poor and illiterate Pakistanis who have been brainwashed into believing that killing those of other sects will get them a favored place in heaven. But why should it happen in the United States, where my own highly educated friends go into a frenzy whenever I say anything against Trump? Trump's followers are convinced that he didn't really lose, the election was rigged. 

My own hatred for Imran Khan is pathological. Whenever I see him, I'm reminded of Bhutto making the same kind of promises this stupid man did when he was in the opposition. I hope he ends up like Bhutto, who was executed for arranging the murder of a political opponent. And if you ask me why I hate him so much, it's because (like Bhutto) he's set the country back by fifty years by his vindictive targeting of all opposition politicians, resulting in failed economic policies.