It's been evident for a long time that Imran Khan and his ministers enjoy the support of the real rulers of Pakistan. Take the case of Faisal Vawda, for instance. The man won the election against Shabaz Sharif by a paltry margin of only 723 votes, which was sufficient for the Election Commission to order a recount. But no, the commission ruled that a recount was not necessary. Later, it was discovered that the man has a fake degree. No one took notice of this.

Then the most damning thing of all: he filed an affidavit saying that he was not a dual national, nor did he ever have the nationality of any other country. It turned out that he was a US national when he filed his papers before the election authorities. He surrendered the US nationality only after winning the elections.

Yet, despite being called on many occasions for the past ten months, he refused to appear and his lawyer would get the case postponed. The flagrant contempt with which he regards the court makes one suspect that he considers himself immune and above the law. Now he was asked to appear before the Islamabad High court, and as per past practice, refused to do so. The court has finally given him one last chance, but you can bet that even if he is found guilty, he will appeal to the apex court so that he can enjoy the perks and privileges of being a minister for another couple of years.

I hope he abuses or threatens the judge who is hearing his case. That would be the final nail in the coffin. But the question remains: why has Imran Khan made him a minister? By now, Vawda's antics should have convinced him that the man is not normal and needs psychiatric treatment. Oh, I forgot, sometimes one can't help thinking that Imran Khan himself is a psychiatric case.