Despite several big shots in the armed forces having been caught for corruption, the majority of the public still believes that they are incorruptible. Unfortunately that is not true, as soldiers have the same DNA as politicians and there are many instances to prove that they too are very good at looting the country.

The man responsible for subverting the constitution and dismembering the country was the late self-anointed Field Marshal Ayub Khan. He was accused of massive corruption at the fag end of his tenure. His son acquired enormous wealth, which would not have been possible without his father's help.

The latest case concerns a retired general (Asim Bajwa) who has been appointed chairman of CPEC at the huge salary of three and a half million rupees a month. It seems that he didn't declare his wife's assets in other countries, which is very awkward for the judiciary investigating a serving judge of the apex court, as the judge's wife has been asked to prove that her foreign assets were bought with legally earned income. Of course, they don't dare ask how Imran Khan has been able to acquire so much property despite earning only seven thousand rupees a month.

If the retired general if found guilty and refuses to leave his lucrative post, the army brass will find it difficult to explain why no action is being taken against him. Kudos to the brave journalist (Ahmed Noorani, until recently of The News but now in the wilderness, for investigating and exposing the scandal, at great risk to himself. We need more people like him.