I often wonder if our establishment consists of people who are the products of generations of cousin marriages. Just today a bill was nipped in the bud when ex-PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi pointed out that it contained draconian provisions, allowing for people to be picked up and held for ninety days without any reason. Of course, this kind of thing has been happening in the past, with hundreds having disappeared, but the bill would have legalized any action (hitherto considered illegal) by a low-IQ person sitting in the prime minister's house.

I remember how the Chief Justice didn't allow the re-counting of votes in the constituency where Imran Khan narrowly defeated Saad Rafiq. Even though the winner said he had no objection to the recounting, the CJ (Saqib Nisar, the same person who declared Imran Khan corruption-free) said recounting was not necessary, as Imran had made a "political" statement. 

Then there is the perjury case against Faisal Vawda, who stated that he didn't hold dual nationality (when he submitted his papers to the Election Commission), even though he surrendered his U.S. nationality a couple of days after his papers were accepted. Even though his lie was exposed seven months ago, he still sits in the National Assembly, and has refused to attend hearings called by the EC. The next hearing is to be held in about a week's time, and I won't be surprised if he files for an adjournment to prolong the matter. 

And now the Islamabad High Court has said there is no problem for Imran Khan to hire dual nationals to positions of importance (even though he himself had lambasted the previous government for doing so).

Which brings me back to cousin marriages, which result in the production of defective individuals. At least the Election Commission and the judiciary should not display their favouritism for Imran Khan so openly. So far, not a single member of PTI has been charged with corruption, despite there being so many of them in the government. As I said, this can happen only when people with low intelligence rule over the country.