It was of course only a matter of time before Imran Khan would get around to banning books. He knows that reading enables the development of critical thinking. He (in collusion with those who rigged the elections and made him prime minister) knows that he cannot deliver, due to the rampant corruption of those who dine and sup with him. So his government in Pakistan's largest province has banned over 200 books, some of them for having pictures of pigs in them. 

Now this is supreme idiocy. Imran Khan himself has become a fundamentalist after marrying a woman who is supposed to be a spiritual leader, one who believes in djinns, fairies and all that mumbo jumbo. Maybe under her instructions, he got those books banned. Or maybe those who "selected" him got him to do so, as they are scared that they too will be held to account by the masses one fine day. 

But why should pictures of pigs disturb them so much? And why should quotes from Gandhi's speeches or sexual reproduction cause books to be banned? Gandhi, as far as I know, never said anything against Islam, nor against Pakistan. At his death, there was widespread mourning in Karachi and Lahore. In fact, he was killed for saying that Pakistan should be given the five billion rupees illegally held by India. But then, you can't expect extremists to see reason. 

As for sexual reproduction, birth control and the like, the Stone Age men who rule over us think our female children will be corrupted and become immoral if such subjects are taught to them. They should be told that today's children are so tech savvy that they can learn about such things with the click of a mouse.