It could happen only in Imran Khan's watch. His aviation minister, while affixing responsibility for the PIA air crash in Karachi in May, revealed that quite a number of Pakistani pilots have fake licenses. The dimwit should have known that there would be an immediate international uproar. Within a couple of days, all Pakistani aviation personnel serving overseas have been grounded, the UK and the EU have both banned PIA from flying to their countries, and very soon it is expected that the U.S. will follow suit.

Of course there could be a reason for this deliberate defamation of the national carrier. The airline is up for privatization and a common theory making the rounds in social media is that it will be sold for a song, as no one would pay much for an organization where everyone is suspected to be a fake degree or licence holder. Then again, the hotel in New York owned by the airlines is also being auctioned off, probably to be given dirt cheap to one of Imran Khan's associates. 

If this had happened when Taliban Khan had been in opposition, he would immediately have accused the government of corruption. Now that he is head of government, he has no compunction in flouting the rules for the benefit of his friends.

By now it should be evident to even certified morons that the only difference between Imran Khan and his predecessors is that they never uttered the word "Madina" while looting the country. But you know what? The morons who think he's the best thing to have happened to Pakistan will cling to their belief and even when he's been deposed (which will happen soon), and his corruption is revealed, they will continue to worship him.