Practically every week we hear something new from Imran Khan's minions. In the early days it was the lady minister of climate change who claimed that the country received unexpected winter rainfall because its leader (Imran Khan) is a morally good leader (despite all indications to the contrary). And when heavy rains killed many people a few days later, she didn't say that the deaths were also due to the leader being clean. Recently she was in the news again, saying that the current pandemic Covid-19 is so named because there are nineteen ways it can attack the human body (or nineteen places in the body which are susceptible to it).

Then we had that corpulent lawyer who (despite knowing nothing about science) was made minister of science and technology. He recently washed some dirty linen in public as a result of which there were demands for his sacking by two powerful ministers in the cabinet, but apparently the Great Khan wants his support, so the man continues to remain a minister. But the reason why he will never be forgotten is that the prime minister's helicopter consumed only Rs 55 worth of fuel per km while flying from his residence in Bani Gala to his office a few kilometres away.

We must not forget the foul-mouthed provincial minister Fayyaz Chouhan who first offended the country's Hindus and then arranging with the Punjab education authorities for his son to get ten more marks than he deserved. It seems that Imran Khan likes such men, because Chouhan is still the provincial info minister and continues to use foul language against opposition politicians.

But the latest one should make us wonder whether Imran Khan hasn't lost it entirely. He called the world's top terrorist (the late OBL) a "shaheed" (martyr). His supporters said it was a slip of the tongue, but apparently he wants to win the support of fundamentalists and religious parties in the country. The man will stoop to the lowest level to remain prime minister.

One of his ministers recently claimed that a human baby lives in its mother's womb for eighteen months before birth. I'm trying to find out his name, but this proves that if ever there was a "selected" government imposed upon us through massive rigging of elections, it is this one.