In Pakistan, it's easy to tell when a government is on its way out. One of the signs is an aggressive judiciary. The same court which declared Imran Khan honest and whatnot ("sadiq and ameen"), has now held that his government's accountability process is deeply flawed, and is being used to suppress political opponents.

The judge (Maqbool Baqar) said that the so-called National Accountability Bureau has been used by the government to arrest and harass political opponents for financial crimes that have not been proven, while those in the government who are blatantly corrupt have been untouched. Of course, followers of the nincompoop Imran Khan will say that the judge is biased against their beloved leader. Yet the judgement in the Paragon case favoring Saad Rafique, a loyal lieutenant of Nawaz Sharif, is a blow to the ruling party. Now they will realize that they can't continue looting the country without being held to account.

The judgment also says something we have always known: ".....pygmies were selected, nurtured, promoted and brought to prominence and power, adding that people with notorious backgrounds and criminal credentials were thrust to rule us in various capacities with predictable results. Similarly, those who caused death, destruction and mayhem in our society, were trained, financed, protected, promoted and eulogised, thus, turning them into Frankensteins”.

To paraphrase Lincoln, you can fool some Pakistanis all the time, you can fool most Pakistanis some of the time, but you can't fool all Pakistanis all the time. What has happened will give Imran Khan many sleepless nights. His past speeches have gone viral, in one of which he tells the people that he will make Pakistan so rich that it will be able to help poor countries, even India. Whenever I come across such a video clip of his, I immediately send it to those who voted for him. I hope by now they're convinced that they were fooled into thinking that he was the long-awaited Messiah who would solve all the country's problems.