Yesterday I got a call from a doctor whom I've known for twenty years. After the usual preliminaries, he asked me if I had stayed home or had been going to work. When I told him that I'd be going to my workplace the next day (today), he begged me not to go. "Now's the real time to protect yourself", he said. "Covid-19 is getting worse and people like you are at high risk". I shrugged and said I could no longer bear to remain at home when almost everyone I knew was going to work daily.

So I saw my staff after more than two months. Wearing the mask all the time made me very uncomfortable, but I knew that if I didn't, everyone else in the office would discard their masks. For four hours I did the work I've been doing at home ever since the lock down began. I walked around, as I do at home, and on my way back I stopped to buy fruits and vegetables. The public is still averse to wearing masks and taking the necessary precautions, but then, most people in the country are below the age of 50. We've seen a spike in the number of deaths in the past two or three days, but this government doesn't believe in giving the facts to the public. So we'll never know how many of those who died were senior citizens, middle-aged, or young. Occasionally we hear of even children dying. 

Right now that crazy guy Imran Khan is on TV, saying that he cannot do anything to stop the virus from killing people, which was very different from his earlier stance that the virus is nothing to worry about, it affects only aged people and those who suffer from diabetes an hypertension. But then, that's why he's called U-turn Khan.