Either Imran Khan is a bigger moron than I thought, or he thinks everyone else is an idiot. Yesterday he startled everyone by saying that there is no connection between going to mosques and getting infected by Corona. And he said this at the same time as Saudi Arabia again closed mosques after a big spike in infections and deaths due to Covid-19 in the country,

We know of course that the 2018 elections were massively rigged to get him elected. But the real rulers of the country should have been convinced by now that he is an imbecile. A couple of days back he went to the headquarters of the military without wearing a mask (even though all the generals who receive him were masked). So how can the common man believe that the Corona virus is lethal?  

I've noticed that other Imran Khan loyalists are also not taking the virus seriously (even though some in their party have been infected and a couple have also succumbed to it). There is one (Khurram Sher Zaman) who says the virus in Pakistan  is much milder (Category C) than in other countries. I hope he gets infected, then he'll see just how mild it is.

One result of this casual attitude towards the virus has resulted in one of our drivers (a heavily bearded, deeply religious man) getting infected. There are some in the apartment complex where I live who are also quarantined. Yesterday I saw in the Friday prayer congregation many old men and very few who were masked. Today there was one who came to install my new air-conditioner. He was bearded, with a protruding stomach and his mask was in his pocket. Apparently he also believes, like Imran Khan does, that the mosque and the beard will prevent the virus from attacking them.