Not a week passes by in this Islamic Republic without a mullah saying something outrageous. Last month we saw a heavily bearded guy claiming that the earth is stationery, it doesn't rotate around the sun and those who say it does are infidels. Then there was the one who said the earth is flat. Being obsessed with what women wear (or don't wear), some of them are convinced that earthquakes are caused by women wearing jeans or sleeveless dresses. Maulana Tariq Jamil said in the presence of Imran Khan that the current pandemic has been caused by our women being obscene. When pressed to explain, he said something about women being scantily-clad in our TV ads.  It is when I hear such stupid things that I wish my father had migrated to Rwanda or Uganda instead of coming to Pakistan.

Now another one has surfaced. He claims that eating broiler chicken is the reason why there is so much immorality and sexual corruption in the country, The video can be seen here:

I have lived in Karachi for over seven decades and I have never seen rampant corruption among women. If eating broiler chicken can cause a woman to shed her clothes and get into bed with the nearest male, I'd have seen it by now. Of course, I've seen a few women soliciting in the streets, but they do it for a living. I've worked with women in factories and offices, and most of them ate broiler chicken but none of them ever seduced anyone.

Come to think, if food ever caused women to be sexually aroused, it wouldn't be broiler chicken (which has very few nutrients). I would say that beef would do the job (but then, there is no evidence for this). I have heard, however, that beef is supposed to make men sexually powerful. I rarely eat it, but seeing that Pakistanis are beef-eaters and they reproduce like rabbits, I would say it does cause them to have strong libidos.