Perhaps the most common thing that Muslims say about Islam is that it stresses upon its followers to always remain peaceful. "Islam is a religion of peace", as they say. That may be true, but the fact remains that Muslims (particularly those living in Pakistan) are not peaceful, in fact they are often violent and easily react by killing others. Particularly when it concerns their "honor".

"Honor" of course can mean anything. If a woman asks her husband to divorce her, he thinks he has the right to kill her. The very fact that she wants to separate is enough to prove that she's been having an affair and loves someone else. Even after a court dissolves the marriage, an aggrieved husband is very likely to kill her and her new husband (if she has married again, which doesn't always happen).

Then there is the "honor" which is violated if a woman from one's tribe is seen unveiled or talking to a male stranger, or even looking out of the window of her house. A few years back, three girls in Pakistan's wild north were brutally murdered when a video surfaced showing them dancing at a wedding function with three men. This was enough to rouse their male relatives to a frenzy. The poor girls were shot and buried without anyone protesting.

Now a similar incident has happened. This time again a video showed three girls doing nothing wrong (like dancing). There only fault is that they were standing near a couple of males who were not their brothers or near relatives. One of their cousins shot two of them, the third has gone into hiding. This too happened in the northern areas of Pakistan, the very place where there is intense opposition to the polio vaccine because they think it makes them infertile.

Pakistan is perhaps the only country in the world where this happens (apart from stray incidents involving Muslims in the UK where girls are killed for refusing to marry the men chosen by their elders). The question is, if Islam is a religion of peace, why are Muslims so violent?