Those who know me well are aware how intensely I dislike Imran Khan. I've always known and said that he's a fraud, a man who can never be trusted. And every time he makes a U-turn, my friends remember that I had predicted he would do so.

Now another scandal has surfaced, one involving close associates of his. They have been found to be involved in the disappearance of sugar and flour a couple of months ago. And I know that despite what Imran Khan said about punishing such people, I'm sure he won't take any action against his friends. Whatever corruption they do is "halal"!

There's an Arabic/Urdu word "manhoos". The nearest English equivalent word is "cursed", but even this does not fully describe what Imran Khan is. He's brought much bad luck to the country, mainly because of his insecurity and fear of being overthrown. He knows that he wasn't fairly elected, he knows that those who rigged the elections and imposed him upon us can remove him any day. He  also knows that his corrupt associates can ally with his opponents to topple him. So you can be sure he will not do anything drastic, like getting them arrested. In fact, his party men are already praising him for allowing the scandal to be reported in the media. 

I hope those who "cannot be named or blamed" will soon remove him before he does further damage.