The great Bushra Bibi (who was known as "Pinky" before she married the "selected" prime minister) has dreams that help her forecast the future. It was in her dreams that she was told to marry Imran Khan to turn Pakistan into a perfect Islamic state. In her dreams she saw oil gushing out of wells in the Arabian Sea near Karachi, which made her idiot husband announce prematurely that Pakistan would soon become a major economic power. And I have no doubt that the nincompoop regularly consults her in matters of state.

Yesterday, he announced he would visit Karachi and his party members were delighted. All preparations were made to give him a right royal welcome. But today the moron said he wouldn't come due to "bad weather". The weather is perfectly fine in Karachi and almost the whole country, planes are flying between cities and there was no danger of him dying in an aircrash. It seems the lady was told in last night's dream to prevent him going to Karachi. And as I said before, everything he does is dictated to him by his wife. 

All his ministers and advisors are appointed after getting her approval. And God help him or her who says anything against the lady. Recently, she was reported to have lost her temper and removed a hundred and seventy five officials who did not provide her the protocol she is entitled to (in the Pakpattan shrine). In the Customs Department, it is said that officials are appointed or transferred according to the dictates of her ex-husband (who apparently remains a good friend of hers). God help Pakistan.