There must be a curse upon Imran Khan. Whenever he opens his mouth to say that whatever the opposition is doing is unconstitutional, someone produces a video clip showing that he did the same thing.

He called Fazlur Rehman an Indian agent because the Indian media was widely reporting on the current sit-in. Immediately Shahzeb Khanzada came out with many Indian media videos reporting Imran's own dharna five years back.

When he and his ministers say that entering the Red Zone by the mob would be unconstitutional, they are stunned to see their own videos urging their followers to do the same unconstitutional thing.

At least by now the hypocrite must be convinced that there is a supernatural force which is responsible for his bad luck. When he confidently claimed that there would be a huge discovery of oil and gas in the sea near Karachi and it turned out to be fake news, he wasn't ashamed in the least. He should at least tell his nincompoop ministers to remain silent. They have only succeeded in alienating the people and must now face the mob. They should immediately make plans to flee before they are lynched. 

What's happening today is eerily similar to the events of 1977 which led to the removal of Bhutto, who was as arrogant as Imran is today. Bhutto thought he was supreme, that the people loved him and would come out in force if he was removed from power. He was soon disillusioned.

Imran must've been in his twenties when Bhutto was hanged. He should realize that as he has apparently lost the support of those who thrust him into power, he could well face the hangman soon. Before that happens, he should go away to live in London.