We are headed for an exciting month. It's widely rumored that the incompetent government of the ex-cricketer will go home next month, and not a day too soon. Historians will conclude that more damage has been done to Pakistan by Imran Khan than even Bhutto. 

He has tried his best to stop the hearings in the corruption case against his party for five years. And even though he and his minions try to put on a brave face, the people have not been fooled. If they have nothing to hide, why are they trying to delay the proceedings?

His party colleagues are also up in arms against the nincompoop Buzdar, who is Imran Khan's choice to rule the largest province in the country. If Imran's voters are still convinced that their beloved leader is the chosen one to be the chief executive of the country, they need to have their heads examined. Imran Khan, in his usual blundering fashion, gave an extension to the incumbent army chief even though it should have been done by the president. By acting prematurely, he has proved that the general himself got him elected by rigging (although everyone knew it already). He has also sowed division in the army, who decide by consensus who the next chief should be. Posters appeared last month in many areas against the extension. Now the courts have decided that the extension was given against the rules. However, Bajwa will continue as army chief for some time, but I hope it's for a year only.