Imran Khan announced the extension of the incumbent army chief's tenure by another three years long before before it was to be done. In fact, it was supposed to be done by the president, not him. But as everyone knows, it was the soldier who helped him get elected, which is why he is so beholden to him.

When someone approached the apex court and pointed out that the extension was illegal, IK and all his ministers were shocked. How dare anyone challenge them? As expected, it turned out that his law minister himself is a nincompoop, and the supreme court pointed it out, saying that the army chief (who is supposed to guard the country's frontiers) was compelled to go to the prime minister's house to help his legal team get him an extension. I doubt if the army can ever be as respected in future as it was until now. The army chief should never have accepted the extension, and should have announced his rejection when the crisis was at its peak. 

But instead of being ashamed and asking the nation's forgiveness, Imran Khan and his cohorts are saying that the crisis was caused by enemies of the nation, implying that the chief justice is a foreign agent. They should be glad that the apex court has ignored their idiotic pronouncements, but I do hope some lawyer applies to the court to convict IK of contempt. That would really teach him a lesson.