It's happening again. Imran Khan is being as arrogant as Bhutto was in 1977. The people are fed up and we could see another uprising resulting in a violent change of government. Already, opposition activists and leaders are being arrested to prevent the proposed march at the end of this month, led by Maulana Fazlur Rehman. Almost all opposition parties have joined him, and IK will never realize that his policies of raising prices of essential items have turned people against him. We could have another Arab spring.

There is one thing IK and his minions have never been able to explain. According to them, Nawaz Sharif looted the country of 24 trillion rupees in five years. Well, as more than a year has passed since IK took over, so (since there is no more looting), why is the government short of money? Why did it have to borrow almost ten trillion in its first year? How was the previous government able to maintain inflation at a very low rate despite being so corrupt?

IK fooled his mentors into believing that he had a magic formula which would transform the face of the country. He didn't know that the so-called previous "corrupt" government was actually very popular with the people, and that if he hadn't been helped by those who cannot be named, he would never have been able to form a government.

Another attempt by him to divert attention of the public from his failures has further alienated the people. He thought by trying to mediate between Saudi Arabia and Iran, he would be able to fool the people into believing that he is respected by world leaders. We soon found out that neither Trump nor Saudi Arabia asked him to mediate, he did it on his own.

I sincerely hope he is removed from power and sent to the UK to spend the rest of his life.