Someone should ask Imran Khan why he has so many morons (like himself) as his ministers and advisors. Not long ago, that female climate minister (Zartaj Gul) claimed that it was due to Imran Khan that the country had rains very early in his reign. She couldn't explain who was responsible for the many deaths which were caused by the rains.

There is this minister in the Punjab government (Chouhan) who was dismissed for uttering derogatory words about Hindus (he really should have been charged with blasphemy, in accordance with the laws of the country). He would have got away with it, but a Karachi-based Hindu politician told Imran Khan about it. Chouhan was removed from the cabinet, but re-instate after two months. Now he has been caught persuading his son's examiners to award him sixteen extra marks, so the son can also become an unscrupulous politician when he grows up.

The latest gaffe is by the Special Advisor to Imran Khan (a female named Firdous Ashiq Awan who should really be locked up in an asylum). She's the one who called opposition politicians "defective" or "defected". Now she's made a joke about yesterday's earthquake in Mirpur, which has resulted in at least 30 deaths. She said the earth could not bear the "change" which has taken place and therefore the earth was restless. Funny. Usually, people like her believe that earthquakes are caused in those places where the men are not religious and allow their daughters and wives to wear jeans. 

I wonder why she didn't say that the earthquake happened because of what Imran Khan himself said a few hours earlier. He said the Pakistan Army had trained Al-Qaida in Afghanistan (even though in those years Al-Qaida was not present there). Since the Indians have always claimed a nexus between Pakistan and all terrorists, Modi now has enough flak to defame Pakistan till kingdom come.