Back in 1960, the people used to protest fiercely every other day, governments wouldn't last more than two months, as Karachi was the capital and its residents were politically volatile. This made Ayub Khan decide to make a new capital nearer to his home town. The country started its slide towards bankruptcy in those days, with people in East Pakistan saying there was no need for a poor country to spend so much on a new city, as they were perfectly satisfied with Karachi as the capital.

Slowly, Ayub's popularity began to decline, until one fine day sugar disappeared from the markets. There were rumors that his son (or one of his sons) had smuggled it to India. The price of sugar (I don't remember how much it was), went up steeply and the people revolted. Ayub had to step down and with the resultant anarchy, the dismemberment of the country became a certainty.

Today, with Imran Khan oblivious to the sufferings of the people, and the price of all edible items going through the roof, it's only a question of time before the bubble bursts. Imran Khan is lucky that the attention of the people has been diverted to Modi's annexation of Kashmir, but with Modi going to hold a joint rally in Houston next week with Trump, the world will stop talking about Kashmir and the issue will be forgotten. Then Imran will have something else to talk about, like for instance taking over control of Karachi to remove its garbage, while the garbage in Lahore keeps accumulating. In fact, Imran Khan was supposed to come to Karachi today, but perhaps he was advised to stay away, as the risk is too high. If Karachi goes to him, you can bet the country will come to a standstill and things will get worse. 

As I was saying, how much more inflation can we endure? What will be the tipping point, when the common folk decide they've had enough? Already the traders are resisting to get registered with the tax departments, knowing that the government is filled with corrupt ministers who are tax evaders themselves. I fear that Pakistan may face more upheaval in the coming days.