I've often wondered why we need to have a Senate, a body which comprises of the scum of Pakistan, men who can be bought and sold easily, the kind of men who would sell their mothers for five dollars. The recent failure of the opposition parties to de-seat the Senate chairman proves that our legislators can be bought or coerced into voting against the interests of the nation.

I have nothing against the incumbent chairman. He's a nice, pleasant man who was an unknown entity until he was "allowed" to be elected as chairman by none other than Zardari (who thought that by doing so he wouldn't be prosecuted if PTI came into power). But now that he is under arrest, he decided to de-seat the chairman. Unfortunately, he was easily persuaded by the powers that be to change his stance. It's evident that he asked his own senators to back off. 

Sixty four senators voted to move the resolution, but in the secret balloting that followed, fourteen of them voted against it. It is evident that the fourteen are men without conscience and have no right to be in the Upper House (or in the national assembly either). They should be permanently disqualified from contesting future elections.

I wonder why India spends so much money on destabilizing Pakistan. All it has to do is to buy two thirds of our legislators who would cheerfully vote to undo partition and make Pakistan a part of India again.