Someone should tell Imran Khan to think carefully before saying anything. He has been forced many times to make U-turns and has had to do the very opposite of what he'd said he would do to make the country what it used to be not long ago. His most memorable quote comes to mind: "I'd rather commit suicide than go to the IMF for help". Not only did he beg for aid, he also dismissed his very able finance minister and replaced him with one recommended by the IMF, even though the said finance minister had been a part of what Imran used to call the very corrupt government of Zardari. So often has Imran made U-turns that he is frequently referred to as U-turn Khan. He's made another one now.

Imran Khan had strenuously opposed the extension of service for the then army chief General Kayani in Zardari's days. His reason for doing so was that commanders were not given extensions even in war time. But now he himself has done so, extending General Bajwa's tenure by another three years. One would like to know why this announcement has been made three months before the good general was due to retire. I suppose this is one of those mysteries which will never be solved. The reason given is that Pakistan is faced with a serious security situation in the region. Nothing new here, the country has not been at peace for many decades now. The previous government, it should be noted, did not do what Imran Khan has done, but then, that government was backed by the people, not "selected", as this one is.

A photo circulated on Whattsapp and having gone viral asks (in Urdu), "OK, horses can't be changed in war time, but surely this rule doesn't apply to donkeys?"  A very apt question, and I hope the donkey gets to see it!