Belonging to a family of lawyers, I'd always held the British judiciary in high esteem. I once heard someone say, "You can't bribe an English judge". When I repeated this to my late father, he sneered. "In England, yes, you can't bribe an English judge, but in those countries once ruled by Britain, there's no such thing as an honest British judge". I've come to believe him, as we have seen Altaf Hussain get away with murder in England. But it's in defamation cases that I believe the British legal system is sadly inefficient.

I know for a fact that the owner of Geo successfully sued the owner of ARY and was awarded thousands of pounds, but the latter contemptuously ignored the judgement. It seems all the property that ARY had in the UK was rented, so he will remain exempted from paying damages or compensation. In Pakistan itself, Imran Khan has been sued by a number of people, yet the courts have never settled such cases.

In the latest turn of events, a British tabloid, Daily Mail, has printed scurrilous and defamatory news about Shahbaz Sharif embezzling millions from British taxpayers' money meant for relief to those affected by the 2005 earthquake. Shahbaz has rightly decided to sue the newspaper, which is notorious for printing news that is not true.

In fact, Wikipedia does not rely on it because of this. But I remember other newspapers (and maybe Daily Mail itself) also reporting that Imran Khan is the father of an illegitimate girl, yet Imran has never taken legal action against such publications. I hope some other newspaper highlights this issue when the corrupt ex-cricketer goes to the U.S. next week. I'd like to see Imran's reaction when that happens.