For a long time now, I was under the delusion that one day Pakistan would be a truly democratic country. Like the advanced European countries, for instance, where the citizens have rights, and no big don can get anyone killed without paying for it. Of course, not all countries have achieved this ideal, but yet, they at least have the rule of law. Not like those Arab countries, where you're likely to be chopped up into several pieces and fed to the dogs.

I know that corruption is an inherent trait in Pakistanis, but I also know that most Pakistanis wish to live in a democratic society. But since 1958, when the army took over the country, we have gone downhill. 

It may be true that our politicians are hideously corrupt (even that guy known as "Mr. Clean"), and they are all obsessed with clinging to power by all means fair and foul. But surely this same situation exists in India, and democracy works over there. No Indian general has as yet proclaimed that "democracy does not suit our people", and none has dared to stage a coup. But unfortunately in Pakistan, the Constitution is violated every time a dictator wishes to overthrow an elected government. Naturally, no dictator or autocrat like Imran Khan would be comfortable with an independent media. Which is why they pressurize the electronic and print media not to report negative news, like the huge turnout at Maryam Nawaz's rallies.

This is also the reason why, every now and then, the few TV channels which dare to portray the truth are summarily taken off the air. Geo has suffered a great deal in the past due to its independent posture. Recently the channel aired a program by the talented Shahzeb Khanzadah in which he described how our judiciary was forced to convict the former prime minister. Even though most people would agree that he was corrupt to the core, yet he was not given a fair trial, and the suggestion that the military establishment was instrumental in getting him convicted was enough to rankle the de facto rulers of the country.

This is not the first time it's happened, but worse is still to come. Advertising agents will be told not to give payments to Geo and the Jang Group, they will ensure that the channel is not visible in most parts of the country and their newspapers will not be allowed to be distributed. 

I wonder why they pretend to be democratic. Why not be like Egypt's dictator, or Putin, and do whatever they want (as in Saudi Arabia and China)? But then, those Western countries that give us aid will then refuse to do so. If we had plenty of oil, I doubt if we'd have any elections.