We know that the powers that be rigged the elections to help Imran Khan win, and I must say they did a very good job. If they had allowed him to have a high majority, the people would have come out on the streets, as they did in 1977 (when Bhutto indulged in massive rigging). Also, Imran would have challenged his benefactors and they would have lost the clout they have on the country's affairs. So they managed things in such a way that he couldn't form a government without the support of the "electables" (highly corrupt politicians who had defected from the other two parties). And this is why Imran Khan has not been able to govern effectively.
His own party members have been disillusioned because he has had to take outsiders in the cabinet. Asad Umar today made a statement against the budget, demanding that sugar prices should not have been raised so much and wondering who benefited from it (he was obviously referring to Jehangir Tareen, Imran's right hand man, who is a sugar baron).  Asad Umar also said that the so-called "accountability" should not target only the opposition politicians. He meant that corrupt elements within the ruling party should also be charged (one of them is the same Jehangir Tareen, who was disqualified by the apex court for being corrupt). With the party members fighting among themselves, and Imran Khan proving to be a useless leader, the powers that be have stepped in to control the situation.

A National Development Council (with the army chief as a member) has been formed to ensure that the 5000 billion rupees borrowed by the government in 10 months are not siphoned away into private bank accounts. No government in history has borrowed so much in such a short time. So now there will be another reason for the infighting to continue. Imran's colleagues and cabinet members will find they can't become overnight billionaires, so they might rebel. I hope it happens soon and Imran Khan is sent home.