It's very dangerous to be a writer in Pakistan. Only the other day, the Minister for Water Faisal Vawda claimed that it's necessary to hang five thousand people to get Pakistan on the right track. He was obviously referring to those who criticize his party chief or even anyone else in the party. I'm not surprised, as Imran Khan and most of his cabinet members are autocrats and would do anything to retain power. They know their days are numbered, and soon people will come out on the streets, as they did in the dying days of Ayub Khan's regime and in Bhutto's last two months.

I may be wrong in thinking that our rulers were behind his murder, but so many people have reportedly been killed by the agencies that it looks like this was another in the chain. His only fault was to point out the failures of the government, like rising inflation and breakdown in law and order.

I'd never heard of him until he was killed. It seems he had more than 80,000 followers. He was only 22. Rest in peace, Mohammed Bilal Khan, may your death make this nation aware of the real enemies of the country.