The recent detection of more than six hundred HIV positive children in Sindh should alarm us. The virus is reported to have spread due to the re-use of infected syringes in hospitals. This could well be true. However, since corruption is so widespread in the country, children in other areas of the country should also be examined for the presence of the virus. South Punjab and other high poverty districts could well be equally affected. 

But how can we be certain that this is the real reason? It's well-known that feudal lords in the rural areas routinely impregnate women working in the fields, which is why many illegitimate children are born in those areas. When a man from one such village marries a woman from the same village, how can he be certain that she is not his half-sister? I'm sure that the intelligence level of those living in rural areas is low because of inbreeding. 

There are reported cases of men raping their daughters also. Although very few such incidents are reported, I'm sure this happens very frequently. In the countryside, it shouldn't be difficult for illegitimate children to be concealed as most women are not allowed to leave their houses unless there is an emergency. This aspect of the matter should also be investigated to find out the real reason for the outbreak of the AIDS virus.