Often it's the media which gets the news first, even before Imran Khan and his cronies get to hear of it. The news of Asad Umar's sacking had been reported a week before it happened. Imran Khan was so annoyed that he asked the concerned department to take action against the two channels which reported the news. Right to the moment it happened, both Asad Umar and Imran Khan firmly believed it wouldn't. Finally, when the order came from above, they were shocked. Imran Khan, being a puppet prime minister, had no choice but to obey. He asked Asad Umar to give up the finance ministry and take up the energy portfolio instead. Being humiliated, Asad of course declined, which must have shocked Imran, who is used to his cronies begging for favors. And just to show that he is in charge, the mentally challenged Imran transferred a few others on the grounds that they were incompetent. Evidently he doesn't realize that if a man can't do one job properly, he can't perform well anywhere else either. The biggest joke was transferring the corpulent info minister Fawad Choudhry to the science and technology ministry. The man doesn't know anything about science, being a lawyer, so all he will do now is to show up for work a couple of times a month and collect his salary.
Of course, it may have been Imran's wife who forced him to sack Asad Umar. She is thought to be psychic, which is why Imran does everything according to her wishes. He didn't visit the families of Hazara massacre a victims until a week after the event, and that too after being reminded repeatedly about the female New Zealand prime minister going to the Muslim victims' families after fifty of them had been killed. 
He's gone to Iran today, and instead of going to the capital Tehran, he flew to Mashad, the holy city of the Shias, apparently on the orders of his wife.
I'm beginning to wonder if another rumor will turn out to be true, the one about him divorcing her. If he does, he will prove that he's a certified moron (but we know that already).