When I was working in the petroleum industry, practically everyone I knew thought that I was taking bribes from contractors. So, when I started working part-time as a visiting lecturer and also as a contractor and told my department head about it, he was amazed. "This proves that what your colleagues say about you is false. If you were taking bribes, you wouldn't have to work part-time to make ends meet". Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to believe that most people working in government or in responsible positions are corrupt to the core. This is why I believe that the ex-army brigadier who committed suicide yesterday was innocent. The poor man had no choice because for many months, he had been subjected to inhumane treatment by officials who were "investigating" his non-existent crime. 
I can understand the humiliation he felt whenever the media announced his impending trial. Knowing Pakistanis well, he knew that none of his friends or relatives would ever believe he was not guilty. 
I believe there should be a law to prevent the reporting of such cases. Very often, an innocent man is condemned unheard after being subjected to a media trial. Those reporters and TV anchors who blow up such cases should be tried and sentenced to jail terms. This is the only way they will learn to be careful.