It's happening again. The weak, incompetent and highly corrupt government of Imran Khan has decided to arrest its critics in the social media. No longer will we now be able to point out the government's blunders. No more criticism of Imran and his minions, and only those who live abroad will escape arrest for writing about the promises PTI made before the eletions and their frequent U-turns now. 

It's apparent that Imran has not learnt anything from history. One reason for the breakup of the country in 1971 was the total ban on the press from reporting what was happening in East Pakistan. When the truth became known, after the war, people came out on the streets and burnt down the president's house. 

So, despite knowing what happened in the past, Imran Khan has decided to prevent the media from pointing out his failures and the corruption of his minions. Already the print media is heavily censored, while the electronic media is unable to function due to non-payment of past dues as well as a huge reduction in advertising rates. A few TV channels have gone bankrupt, and those writers (like Cyril Almeida) and anchors who were highly critical of the government were sacked under government pressure. 

It won't be long before human rights activists in the West will describe Pakistan as a police state (like China and Saudi Arabia). And of course Imran and his cronies will blame the previous government for his failures, as they have been doing since they were selected by "those who cannot be named" to rule over us.