There was a time when Pakistanis were fun-loving people who enjoyed life to the full. Besides the two Eids, there were celebrations on Christmas and New Year's Eve, as well as Nauroze and Diwali. We used to have musical concerts where boys and girls danced throughout the night. But then the Jamat-e-Islami stepped in, stoning vehicles and injuring people who were enjoying themselves, and for many years now no one has celebrated Christmas and New Year, except Christians (but they too do so quietly, lest the kill-joys turn up and indulge in destroying vehicles and property).

A few days back, I wrote on how women are victimized whenever a government in Pakistan is in danger. The authorities have gone further and have now made plans to give burqas and head scarves to Faisalabad University girls who do not cover themselves. Dress codes for female students have been established in schools and colleges throughout the country, forbidding them to wear tight, revealing clothes lest the men who see them go into a frenzy and try to rape them.

And now the latest: apparently someone (I think it's Her Holiness, Imran Khan's wife) traveled by PIA and found that they played music to entertain the passengers. An order was swiftly issued, banning the playing of music during flights. So the national carrier has stopped doing so, apparently having been told it will become a profitable airline, instead of losing billions every month, as it does now. 

Really, if music is responsible for all our woes, why not ban it altogether? Imran Khan said he would create ten million jobs. He can put at least a million of his party voters to work preventing (and even arresting) those who play (or listen to) music. If nothing else, all the religious bigots in Pakistan will become his fans and his vote bank will increase substantially.