A couple of weeks ago, Imran Khan defended his habit of prevaricating every now and then. He said that a politician or leader who does not make U-turns whenever he faces an obstacle can never succeed in attaining his objectives. Someone should have told him that the rulers of the State of Madina (which he wants Pakistan to become) never backtracked from what they had pledged, and they were certainly not like Hitler (whom he compared to an unsuccessful leader who did not take a U-turn). But then, I doubt if such little things have any effect on Imran Khan, who will go on making promises which he knows he cannot keep.
The mother of all U-turns came yesterday, when he startled everyone by suggesting that India and Pakistan should forget their differences and form a union like France and Germany have done. This is in stark contrast to what he used to say whenever Nawaz Sharif tried to reach out to India, calling the former prime minister a traitor. The phrase "Modi ka yaar, quom ka ghaddar" (a friend of Modi is a traitor) was coined by his party members. So now what should we say about Imran Khan, that he too is a "ghaddar"?
More important, how can he ever be trusted for making U-turns every now and then? I'd like to see his party members themselves call him a liar (which they soon will, if the Chief Justice continues his investigations in his party's corruption).