Now that it is well-known that Imran Khan was relying on a psychic female for guidance in all matters, we should seriously consider whether he is eligible to be the prime minister of the country. I’m not suggesting that the lady is not what is claimed for her, it’s the change in Imran Khan that should worry us. I remember the late Moin Akhter once asking him the name of the “baba” or “pir” on whom he relied for performing well in a cricket match. Like a true educated liberal, Imran Khan had said scornfully that he did not believe in such nonsense, he only prayed to God for success.

From that young confident person, he has now changed drastically. It is said that she would advise him to go and live in the mountains for some time whenever she thought it would be good for him. There are also rumours that he divorced Reham Khan when she told him to do so. We remember how Asif Ali Zardari would also come and live in Karachi on the advice of his mentor (besides slaughtering black goats) to ward off evil spirits. There used to be rumours about Nawaz Sharif also having such a wise man who would guide him whenever he didn’t know how to deal with a problem (which was probably every day). In fact Benazir Bhutto was also reported to rely on a “pir” in Rawalpindi for advice.

Then there is the question of how his so-called "secret marriage proposal" became public knowledge. Obviously, in Imran’s closest circles, there is a mole who leaks such news to journalists. One is reminded of Willy Brandt, the popular West German Chancellor, who had to resign when one of closest aides was found to be an agent of an enemy country. How can we trust such a man with the country’s destiny, a man who has around him someone who is not reliable, and whom he cannot identify?

There are those who say that this is Imran’s private matter, and no one has the right to talk about it. Wrong. Imran Khan is a public figure and potentially the next chief executive of the country, so his every action should be scrutinized to ensure that the country’s interests are not adversely affected. We know how Trump got involved with the Russians and how he is suspected to have won the elections with Russian influence. We do not want such a thing happening in Pakistan, do we?

So, the question arises, if all decisions were taken by Imran Khan in accordance with Pinky’s instructions, why not make her the chairperson of the PTI? Why should Imran continue the frustrating task of becoming the prime minister of the country if everything he does will be dictated by her? Imran Khan should seriously consider quitting politics and devote himself to social work (like building hospitals all over the country). Doing so would make him as popular as the late Abdul Sattar Edhi.