Tax big fish
Addressing businessmen and others in Karachi on October 11, General Qamar Javed Bajwa called for broadening the tax base and bringing in financial discipline to break the ‘begging bowl’. The army chief has hit the nail on the head. The country needs taxes to survive, and for this purpose I have a suggestion to increase tax collection substantially. Military courts should try all smugglers and other tax evaders. The big fish among them should be executed immediately, while the small ones can be sentenced to imprisonment terms. The retail markets are full of smuggled items and other goods on which taxes have not been paid. By meting out stringent punishment to such people, the country will be able to stand on its own feet and will not need the IMF to bail it out. Moreover, Rs5,000 notes and prize bonds of large denomination (Rs5,000 and above) should be withdrawn, as they are used by smugglers and tax evaders for their nefarious purposes.
Shakir Lakhani,
The Friday Times, November 10, 2017