I have always suspected that Imran Khan is not really a democrat but is a born dictator. And his recent announcement expelling Dawar Kundi from the party proves it (https://www.geo.tv/latest/168123-pti-to-expel-dawar-kundi-for-alleging). And he took this step without waiting for Kundi to reply to the show-cause notice issued by the party. Imran also said that Kundi has been making statements against the party as well as against the chief minister. So, anyone who points out faults of the party’s bigwigs has to be expelled!

It took Imran Khan 21 days to speak about the incident (and that too when announcing the expulsion of Kundi from the party). Perhaps he thought it wasn’t important? I can imagine him saying to himself, “This kind of thing happens all over the country, so why should it bother me?”

Dawar Kundi is the PTI MNA from the constituency where some men stripped a teenage girl naked in retaliation for some offence done by her family’s male members. Naturally, he wants that the culprits involved in this heinous act should be punished severely. The girl’s family accused another PTI MNA (Ali Amin Gandapur) of protecting those who had done the deed. Dilawar Kundi informed his party (including Imran Khan himself), but apparently Mr. Gandapur is in the good books of Imran Khan (who, like most party chiefs, are influenced easily by those who flatter him). Mr. Gandapur, by the way, is the same worthy gentleman who was caught transporting alcohol and weapons and charged with the crime.

It’s worth noting that in the new Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the police registered a case against the poor girl and her family! So, despite PTI’s tall claims of conditions in the province having improved after four years of governance, the police have not changed at all! Where is your so-called “tabdeeli”?

There are other incidents which prove that Imran and the PTI top brass are not democrats. Justice (Rtd) Wajeehuddin had to leave the party (after being suspended from its membership) in 2016. He had recommended the ouster of Jahangir Tareen, Pervaiz Khattak, Aleem Khan and Nadir Leghari from the PTI (https://www.dawn.com/news/1286009). Of course, all these worthies are Imran Khan’s favorites, so expelling them from the party was out of the question. It was Justice Wajeehuddin instead who was suspended from the party (just as it was the girl and her family who were charged with the “crime” of having been stripped naked and paraded in the streets of Dera Ismail Khan).

Another incident is that of Mashal Khan, who was lynched last year. PTI councilor Arif Khan, who was involved in the killing of Mashal Khan (https://www.dawn.com/news/1330821) and who was filmed warning people not to name the killers of Mashan, has yet to be arrested. It is suspected that another PTI leader helped him escape to Thailand.

But of course PTI councilor Arif Khan has not been expelled from the party, despite Imran Khanpromising to give an “exemplary punishment” to those responsible for Mashal’s murder (https://tribune.com.pk/story/1386945/video-surfaces-pti-councillor-urging-crowd-mardan-not-name-mashals-killer/).

So, Imran Khan, do you really believe in democracy and justice for the people?