PTCL woes 
Sir: Back in the days when the government controlled the telephone department, when phones would be dead for days, and when the linemen charged a fortune for making your phones work again, I got four telephones installed in my small office.
After the privatised PTCL took over, the linemen and staff became courteous, efficient humans and phones worked for months without trouble. I used to tell my children that PTCL is perhaps the best example of the benefits of privatisation.
But I was wrong. For the past ten days, all four telephones have been dead, and if it wasn’t for our cell phones, I don’t know how we could have survived. But since we can’t send or receive faxes, our business has been badly affected. To rub salt on my wounds, every two hours or so, I receive a call on my cell phone and a recorded voice tells me to press 1 if my phones have been restored or 2 if they are still dead. And PTCL has been telling me on Twitter that they are working on the issue and the problem will be resolved soon.
Emails to PTCL’s complaint department bounce back due to the inbox being full. I hope some big shot in PTCL reads this and does something to solve the issue.
Daily Times, May 31, 2017